Stories Of Youth

by Big Fat

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released March 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Big Fat Haverhill, Massachusetts

Big Fat is the main man in Minor Offense Entertainment,
leaders of the new rap party movement.

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Track Name: T.V. 101
When I sit at home bored there’s only one thing to do:
Bust out the papers, and turn on the tube.
Maybe kick it with my little homeboy Spongebob,
Eat Krabby Patties like it’s our mothafuckin’ job.
And after the feast I’m a call up Doug,
Tell him to bring the chick with the big fine bum.
What’s her name again? Is it Patti Mayonnaise?
I know one thing’s for sure the chick loves to blaze.

So lets all meet up and get fucked up.
All you little nicktoons, let’s kick it and bump.

If we gonna keep it real we best call up the twins
Phil and Lil would be pissed if we didn’t fill ‘em in.
Make sure you tell Tommy, even though he just saw me
After smoking a joint with Grampa and mommy
Hey Arnold where you at?
I been lookin for you all day, roger that.
Stoop kid’s at my house and we getting down to biz
Timmy Turner’s rollin through with that fairy dust shit
Wandisimo and Wanda just banged so
Cosmos coming by to blow away the pain.
Jimmy Neutron and Patrick are bringin the bud
Chuckie just called and hes bringing the suds
So we gonna get drunk and we gonna smoke skunk
Gonna get down that groove
And feel a little bit of funk.

Hit it with a little TV 101.
Have fun. Just have fun.
Hit it with a little TV 101.
Have fun, just have fun!
Track Name: Who Are You
It all stems from your background
and where you came from.
A filthy rich prick,
or a bum from the slums.
Did you try in high school,
or did you have fun?
Stick to the books
or back out and run.

Acting like a fuck up has no advance.
Fitting in with business men
Lets greed do it's dance.
Where's the right path?
It's kinda hard to tell.
Do you deal drugs or work at home from the Dell?

A full-time job
wife and 5 kids.
Maybe a crackhead mom raising two derelicts.

What's your position?

Where do ya' stand?

Livin' life large,
or keeping shit bland?

Now let you tell me,
While I show you,
right from my stoop
that's how I do.


Let this lesson be a blessing from the Youth [crew]
It feels a little rough
but it's the god damn truth.

Who are you?
Track Name: The Y.K. Feel
"Fuck Big Fat and his little dis' track"
K Bakes I just shake your rhymes off my nutsack.
Eat that mothafucka.
You know I'm comin' in strapped little sucka.
3 on 1 that's how the Youth Krew rolls.
When you rob my chubby buddy for a shitty ounce of dro.
Man what's up with that?
You can't afford a bag?
You test my clique again and you about to get snagged.
Catch me on the stoop.
Any time, any day.
You know we gonna do it right
So come and speak it to my face.
Runnin' shoes is laced.
I win this war K Fakes.
I spit the whole "Banquet" when I was stupid baked.
That's something to say, about yourself.
I should put you in a frame and mount you up on the shelf
Thats half the fucking joke.